DFL May CHARITY Madness 2022

We are happy to inform you that thanks to your strong effort in ordering the May Cruise Madness shirt 2022 in the context of our fundraising campaign for Ukrainian refugees, quite a lot has been collected.



Cal Look of the 90's

The characteristics of the 1990's: The Cal Look looks back to its roots, although Old School is not defining the original Cal Look, but the Cal Look of the 1990's. That's why most cars nowadays still have their chrome trim and sometimes even towel-bar bumpers. Again any Beetle, Karmann, Type 3 or Bus with round bumpers, but also 1968 or 1969 beetles with square bumpers. The color choice is usually restricted to original Volkswagen colors or period colors. The interiors often keep the stock seats or are upgraded with period racing seats. Dashboards are hardly altered, gauges are located in additional pods. The lowering is again restricted to the front end, the rear end remains on stock height. Wheels and tire choice often follows the 1970's. That's why only period wheels are possible and all tires are no low-profile tires. Engine-wise there is really something going on, compared to the 1980's. Big type one engines up to 2.3 litres with 48IDA carbs are now commonplace, but a hot 1600cc with 40 IDF, is fine for some. Modern technology often contributes goodies like MSD ignitions, 94mm barrels and pistons and the very much favored turbo mufflers.
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