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We are happy to inform you that thanks to your strong effort in ordering the May Cruise Madness shirt 2022 in the context of our fundraising campaign for Ukrainian refugees, quite a lot has been collected.



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Helge Ohmes, Neu Wulmstorf
117, VW 1200 Export
black L41
Stock ragtop with VW US bumpers
The seats and headliner are in original condition. The original carpets and rubber mats are also in very good original condition. Three VDO gauges sit in the radio-slot. Using a special cover (oil pressure, oil temperature and a timer). There is an 80mm VDO tachometer in the speaker grille (all instruments with white pointers). An original Speedwell steering wheel. Coco-floormats. A bamboo shelf and the EMPI glove box handle complete the interior.
The 2007ccm was built by Udo Becker / Iserlohn in 100% new parts and was used in my 1970 VW Bus from 2000/2001 to 2018. In 2018/2019 this engine changed place to my Beetle. In 2020 the mill was completely overhauled by Udo Becker and subjected to a "performance cure". 78mm Scat-Volks-Stroker crank. 90,5mm Mahle barrels/pistons. Rimco-VW-stroker-rods. Bare CB-Performance 044 cylinder heads were machined and ported by Udo. 42mm inlet and 35.5mm outlet valves in the best Manley quality were used. A Pauter camshaft works via chromo pushrods with the orig. VW rockers. The rockers sit on Gene Berg shafts with screwed ends. A full-flow oil system with a Fram oil filter and a 30mm oil pump ensure good lubrication. A standard oil cooler sits in the original fan-shrout. In addition, the oil runs through a Cagero underfloor cooler. All oil lines are provided with Aeroquip-AN fittings. The original Italian 48IDA Weber carburettors have been expanded to 51.5mm. CSP-Products-crossbar-linkage. CSP-Products-breather-box. CSP-Products-dual-muffler with CSP-Products-Super-Competition-header. CSP-Products-Pacemaker distributor. The alternator come from an “Oval”beetle with round regulator. The car runs on 6 volts.
The gearbox was built and supplied by Rancho Performance Transaxles in Fullerton, California. It is the Pro Street version with 3.88 differential and 0.89 fourth gear. The differential case is equipped with four “spider-gears” (Super-Diff). The reinforced aluminum gear cover prevents ring/pinion from being pushed apart. The synchro-rings are welded. Steel shift forks and hardened keys are also installed.
adjustable CSP front axle, stock rear, gas pressure shock absorbers
CSP Products 5/205 disc brake system, standard drum brakes at the rear, converted into a two-circuit brake system.
Aftermarket BRM style wheels in 5x15, 155/80-15 Vredestein Sprint-Classic in front, 185/80-15 Vredestein Sprint-Classic in rear
The car was in first-hand until 1988. It was then driven from 1988 to 1993 only in the summer (very well documented in the original registration-papers.) From 1993 on the beetle was covered under blankets in a garage. Then twenty years later (2013) I bought it. My cars usually don't get names. However, this ragtop beetle still wear its original number-plates. They say “RE-X 28”. Therefore, the name “REX” born for this little car.
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